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I love what I do, and You will love too

Conception Websites Showcase From  CHF  800.-

You need to be on the Internet?

You start your business and / or want to develop your communication on the web?

No matter the activity you do, whether you are professional or not, today everyone can and must make its voice heard on the web (web).

A website remains one of the best communication tools to stand out from the competition and make yourself known beyond the borders. Whether to present your business, your products / services or business, a website (showcase site, e-commerce, blog ... etc.) you will better communicate strengthening your image and visibility on the Internet to expand your customer.

Today, it is essential to have a website !

What website for your project ?

Whatever your choice among the different types of websites to showcase your business, products, services, or business,Remember that your website is the face of your business, your corporate identity, your business card on the web.

A website can convey as much information about your business at lower cost. Among the various types of existing websites you pick the one that will meet your expectations, but which to choose?

It is essential firstly to define the goals or your Internet presence to determine the type of site that will agree the best to achieve every desired goal.

What are your objectives on the net ?


Create a website and communicate through it is the safest way to get to know his future customers, gain credibility and gain visibility and notoriety on the web.

Customer base

Customer management and the site via some administration justifies the difference of a showcase site creation price to another. Unlike e-commerce site that has this part.

Online sales

Create an e-commerce website, will allow you to sell online your physical or digital products 24/24h, by enabling your customers to pay instantly via various banking providers such as PayPal.

Sharing events

Sharing your events or go through a schedule even for the reservation or registration of participants, generates saving time and money.


You are an artist and you want to publish your own creations (music, video, books, documents etc ...), a showcase site is ideal for publishing your works.

Circle interest

Using a blog or forum can create topics for discussion around a topic involving other members who share their experience and views through their messages.

Virtual business card to e-commerce website

I realize your future website like the one you are on!

Discover my services in detail and order your website today!

Graphic Creation Logo Conception from $ 199.- 

The logo, the first company brand identity !

The creation of a professional logo is crucial in building your communication is one of the first elements that are watching your prospects, partners and customers. Creating a logo is for every business or individual wishing to enhance their professional image, its products or its services, to be identified by its clients. A unique logo created by professional brings credibility to the company.

Vehicles and state your logo on all your communication materials!


TO TRANSLATE Whether or not you have a logo, I create an original graphic design, in keeping with the nature of your product / service, business or activity.

The graphic charter is a document that sets the rules of use of the visual identity.
The goal is to maintain visual consistency across all communication media (papers, envelopes, business cards, website ...

Logo, Flyer, business card, caricartoons...

To convey your brand image is also to conceive communication media allowing you to broadcast it. As part of the implementation of your global communication or for more specific communications operations (highlighting a service, a product, an event ...), I realize your logo, your flyers, maps cards, posters, flyers ... etc ..


I'm here to help, web and graphic design are part of my passions.

Computer Repair At  home  (Valais)

Your computer needs to see the doctor?

You encounter errors and malfunctions with your computer (PC)?

Keep your time and energy for your family. I come to your place, to restore it to you. It will be cleaned of any infection, updated, and reinstalled according to the state of operation.

With time and use or not, a computer requires constant maintenance, for long-term use. The components constantly improved, sometimes generates a relatively expensive update, if the maintenance is not performed regularly, just like for a car.

Depending on the model of your computer, an update of some components, will turn it into a fast and effective tool thus avoiding its complete replacement, for a reasonable price. In most cases, due to a virus, or a major hard drive wear containing the operating system, a full reinstallation is required. This results in the backup or recovery of all your important files, then the reinstallation and configuration of all your software.

Find the joy of using a fast, protected and infection-free computer, equipped with all your favorite and configured software, for optimal use.

Feel free to contact me with any other specific requests web development or graphic design.

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Website from chf 800.-

This formula is ideal for those who want to have a first experience on the web (Internet). Have your own place on the web, to share and make known his...

Logo creation

Creating a unique and intuitive logo is a crucial step in building your communication. This is one of the first things that your prospects, partners and...

Troubleshooting services

You find that your computer is much slower than before? Startups are getting longer, outdated or unwanted programs disrupt the use of your equipment,...

Website showcase from 1700.-

This is an ideal solution to share his activity and make himself known through a professional and design website, from 6 to 10 pages, enabling rich and...


The creation of flyers creation is essential in the construction of your communication. This is one of the first physical media through which you will...

Visite Cards

The creation of your business cards is a crucial step is essential in the construction of your communication. It is the first physical medium by which you...

Pro Website from chf 2600.-

A dynamic and evolving website, in your image. The right solution for the freelancer who wants to manage the content of his site, multilingual, with...

Portrait artistic

Custom portrait on chalkboard. Special effect "oil painting" or "particle", or in "caricartoon" version. I edit your photos and brings effects to get an...

Business Website from chf 4400.-

Full dynamic and progressive website, in your image. The professional solution for those who want to manage their site via an administration interface. Manage...

Created website

Here are some web projects and websites that I had the opportunity to do for my clients.


Realization of portrait, photo editing with modifications and filters for an artistic rendering.

Logo Creation

ere are the logos I had the opportunity to do in Photoshop and with Illustrator for customers.


A5 flyers made with Photoshop at events or to promote products and services.

Liquid-Trans Logo

Realization of the logo, for a painter in liquid fluid, living Martigny in Valais (Switzerland). The goal was to get a metal rendering with silver and gold. I...

Golf School Abidjan

Realization of flyer publcitaire (printing and digital) for different Posts on social networks of the customers.

Space Travel

social networks. Creation of the logo, for a makeover, of the original model.

Oliva MC

Realization of the flyer for Oliva-MC, Management & Communication of Abidjan for dissemination in social networks, and web printing

Nanosoft Flyer

Realization of a promotional flyer of the services of the computer company Nanosoft of Abidjan in Ivory Coast. A5 format - double-sided

Jonathan Demestre

Creation of a website for the painting services of Jonathan Demestre in Martigny

Georges Carlos

Creation of a website for the renovation and painting services of Georges Carlos Rénovation in Martigny.

Georges Carlos

Creation of a website for a real estate of Martigny.

Business Card

Realization of cartes of visit for Anna.

248/5000 Plum'lune Logo Creation and Creation of the website for Maëlle Schütz de Vétroz, who gives care and Blessing of...

Plumlune logo

Realization of the Plumlune logo, via Illustrator the basic specifications were: - A woman with braids back, looking straight ahead, with her right hand raised...

Business Card

Realization of cartes of visit for Maëlle from Vétroz.