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Business Website from chf 4400.-

Full dynamic and progressive website, in your image. The professional solution for those who want to manage their site via an administration interface. Manage users, messages, photo galleries, events, questionnaires, navigation, data backups ... etc.

Why do you need a website?

Your "BUSINESS" website will allow you to better communicate, strengthen your image and your visibility on the Internet. It is an indispensable communication tool for you to stand out from the competition and make yourself known.

If you need to present your activity, products and services, a "Business" site is for you. A website is an effective way to gain market share!

Benefit from a sales force operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
A "Business" site will also allow you to communicate with a personalized e-mail containing your domain name to convey your brand.

How much does a website cost?
The price for making a professional website depends on its completion time and features present. The quotes cover all the costs to the realization and the putting on line of your web project.

Costs vary according to the following criteria:

  • New website or website redesign,
  • Editing content, videos, images, PDF documents,
  • Site available in several languages,
  • Type of web project (web page, showcase, blog, e-commerce)
  • Static or dynamic site a part administration,
  • Responsive website (fits all screens).
Your Business WebSite from CHF 4,400.- incl.
Complete site with user management, newsletter, messages ... etc.,
With contact form and multilingual,
Possibility to add modules (events, donation, questionnaires),
Member access, secure pages,
Fits all screens (responsive),
1 domain name (.ch or .com) and accommodation included (1 year).

Annual fees like hosting and domain name (s) are fixed.
Count between chf 5.- to 10.-/month (ie chf 60 .-/year minimum) for standard accommodation and add between chf 15.- and chf 100.- per domain name, depending on the chosen extension
(.ch, .com, .world, ... etc).

Maintenance services are available for updates and monitoring of content (text, images and videos).

For users with an administration part of the site and wishing to manage their own content, training is offered so that they can manage their site independently.
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